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Saturday, March 12, 2005  
Big Here & Long Now

Our generation is one where we have the opportunity to develope a more integral and larger perspective view, along with a situation where this is required for our survival.

We need a Big Here & Long Now perspective, to borrow a phrase from Brian Eno.

Here are a few examples...

The Integral Institute
Working on developing an AQAL (all quadrants, all lines) map, exploring how specific approaches fit into the overall picture, and ways to apply the framework and specific approaches in a more effective way - in all aspects of human life.

The Great Story
The story of the universe - as developed through science - as the greater context for our own lives - and as a source of awe, mystery, meaning and sense of belonging.

The Long Now
A project to help us view ourselves within a longer timescale.

Pattern Map
An example of a big here/long now view informing our view of ourselves, applied to our relationships with social and ecological systems.

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