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Society & Ecology
Sunday, January 23, 2005  
Ecology & Mind

When we look at human history across cultures, it almost seems human nature to damage the ecosystems we live in.

Practically all human cultures have done so, mostly because they could. It was not a serious problem. A small population and simple technology allowed the ecosystems to regenerate. And if it didn't, they could move to a different area. In some cases, they could not move and there was a significant loss of population and culture.

Today, we are in a new situation. Our global population and our technologies have reached very high levels, we consume more resources than global ecosystems can regenerate, and we have nowhere else to go.

Our only solution seems to be a deep culture change - a change in technology, behavior and worldview.

We have solutions in all these areas. It is up to us to decide how smooth the transition will be.

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