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Friday, October 01, 2004  
Radical & Subversive

In our culture, a more life-centered view tends to be radical.

Still, it is clear that with our current technology and population, we depend on a life-centered view for our own survival. A view where our circle of concern expands in space, to include the Earth as a whole, and time, to include future generations. A view where the Earth as well as future generations are seen as "us".


Here are some strategies to help shift our views, and eventually our culture.

NWEI Deep Ecology discussion groups
Thousands of people around the US have participated in these.

Nonviolent Communication
Tools to help us (a) bring into awareness and (b) differentiate our (i) human needs and (ii) our strategies to meet those needs. There is rarely an inherent conflict between the needs of humans, other species and future generations, but there may be a conflict between the particular strategies chosen. Our task is to explore and choose strategies that meet our own needs, and allows other species and future generation to meet their own. Through NVC, we see again that it is not about sacrifice, but a rich life based on awareness and smart choices.

Practices to Reconnect
Powerful group practices to help us reconnect with ourselves, each other and the Earth - developed and collected by Joanna Macy.

Big Mind
A practice based on Voice Dialogue and expanded by Genpo Roshi to include a Buddhist view. In a very short time, it helps us experience the world from a genuinely trans-dual view. A view that embraces, goes beyond and includes both ends of all polarities. This taste can then be deepened through variuos practices, and brought into everyday life.

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