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Sunday, June 13, 2004  

We are moving towards a worldview that see humans as just one of many species. There is no separation.

Of course, this is the official scientific worldview, but our choices and behaviors reveal that we still operate from an outdated human-centered worldview.

Over the last several hundred years, we have slowly brought more and more groups into our circle of concern - those we regard as us: slaves, women, and other ethnic, sexual and religious groups. This inclusive human us is something most contemporary people consciously subscribe to, if not consistently act from.

Among the groups still to be included in the circle of concern is the non-human species, and Earth as a whole.

By bringing all species, and the Earth as a whole, into our circle of concern, into what we perceive as us, we align our views more with reality (Earth as one seamless system). We also dramatically increase our own chances of long term survival.

It will have many impacts on how we view the world and act. We will more realistically balance our needs with that of other species. We may appoint advocates (including lawyers) to act on behalf of other species and ecosystems. We will seek solutions that work for all systems, not only our limited human circle.

And we will do it, realizing that our own limited interests (egotism) are aligned with those of the rest of the Earth (altruism), since it is one system. What we do to others, we (literally) do to ourselves.

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