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Thursday, March 04, 2004  
Looking Forward

The Earth is a seamless whole. Any of our actions contribute in shaping the systems we live within - and are dependent upon.

From being a poor backward nation, Norway is now among the most wealthy nations. This is mainly due to heavy oil extraction - and the good fortune of access to that natural resource. Norway do use it in mostly wise ways, mainly since it is government controlled and not privatized (which almost always only benefits the corporations, not the people of the country).

Since the world is a seamless system, the effects of our global oil extraction and use will also be felt in Norway. One of them may be dramatic a sudden change in the Gulf Stream. From the current (Gulf Stream warmed) moderate climate, Norway and Northern Europe may experience a new ice age, if current predictions are correct. So, the oil extraction may first give wealth, then severe ecological problems. A consequence of not keeping the big picture and long view in mind when extracting and using natural resources...

On a sidenote: If Norway spent more of their oil fund on research and development of renewable energy, it would be another way of looking forward (building technological competence for future wealth) and also to make up for the damage caused by the (brief) oil adventure. This is another opportunity for including a long-term view in our decisions - another test of how mature we are as a collective.

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