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Wednesday, December 03, 2003  
Ecology & Economy

We know that "environmental technologies" will be a major industry in the coming decades, as ecological problems become more visible, and their impacts closer to our immediate lives (health, water, food, mass migrations, etc).

We also know that solutions good in the short and long term, and for people as well as ecosystems, are not neccesarily more economically expensive. In most cases, what is needed is good design.

In that light, it is somewhat surprising to still see the old attitidue that these solutions are "too expensive". We see it in the Bush administration (which is not surprising since short term profit for buddy old-approach corporations is their main objective) and it also crops up other places. Most recently Russia's hesistations regarding the Kyoto Protocol.

Developing technology that harvests clean energy, industrial processes that provides clean air, water and soil as a by-product, food production that enriches wild ecosystems, all these are areas of the future. Investing in developing these technologies today will lead to short and long term economical benefits.

Instead of seeing these technologies as costly, they can be more correctly be seen as investments that yield profits in all areas.

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