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Monday, August 25, 2003  
A More Mature Democracy

The democratic systems seen within nations today are all in their infancies. They are often based on majority rule (excluding minority positions), leave political power to those with financial power, leave decision making to an elected elite and their advisors, and often seem far removed from the lives of the voters. Among nations, the democratic system is even more in its infancy - the UN is a first step, although too often hijacked by the larger nations.

Fortunately, there are several systems and processes emerging pointing to a more mature democracy. These are often explored by smaller groups, although some are already implemented by nations.

Allowing all voices to be heard, and have a real influence, brings stability. Excluding some voices is a surefire way to violence, wars and terrorism.

Here are some examples:

* Deliberative Councils (allowing all voices to be heard, trusting the judegement of well informed smaller groups of citizens)
* Separating politics and corporations (spending limits, not allow political advertisement)
* Multi-party system (vs. the two-party system in the US which gives people no real choice)
* Instant Runoff Voting

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